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The Setco One app is a net sheet and closing cost mobile software solution available to real estate agents and brokers. It’s designed to provide real estate agents with an easy-to-use tool to aid them in answering buyers’ and sellers’ questions about closing costs and other number-crunching concerns. This mobile application is compatible with any Smartphone 24/7.

Setco One provides many tools for calculating seller closing and buyer closing costs. The solution can modify calculations based on short sales, foreclosure, and more. Agents can also generate a HUD from the application and email it to their clients.

Features include:

  • Net sheets
  • Short sale information
  • Calculate title and escrow
  • Buyer’s quick estimate
  • Buyer’s closing costs
  • Seller’s closing costs
  • Conventional with second
  • PITI to loan ratio
  • Sell to net
  • Qualify buyers
  • Customized closing costs
  • Calculate PITI with PMI
  • Calculate PITI with MIP
  • Principal and interest
  • Calculate funding fee
  • APR
  • Calculate origination fee
  • Calculate funds verification
  • It saves calculations as PDF and allows agents to email the estimate from inside the mobile application.

Setco One provides customer support through their local representatives. As Setco One technology expands and changes, users can download all versions and upgrades at no additional cost.

Download the app now available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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