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Qualia is the leading digital closing platform used by real estate professionals, title and escrow operations, lenders, proptech companies, and homebuyers in the United States. Processing home purchases and refinances for millions of consumers each year, their flexible technology infrastructure brings together users from across the real estate ecosystem to complete every step of the closing process through a secure, shared platform. Qualia provides hybrid and fully digital closing experiences for our clients and us.

Over 500,000 title and escrow agents, lenders, and realtors use Qualia to save more than 75% of their efforts and time on closing tasks utilizing this platform.

Qualia’s all-in-one platform eliminates the need for multiple systems and rekeying information to complete a file. Manage and edit multiple workflows, assign tasks to individuals or groups based on contingencies, and improve your overall workflow management processes without painstaking setup and maintenance.

Qualia Connect

Qualia Connect brings the entire closing team onto one remote closing platform so you can deliver a hybrid or fully remote client experience. It allows realtors, lenders, and attorneys to open orders with just one click. Once an order is opened, Qualia Connect speeds up the closing with built-in communication and document-sharing tools that everyone involved can use. Buyers and sellers can even track the progress of their closing using a mobile app.

Intro Letters

Qualia Connect makes it easier than ever to invite all parties to collaborate on your transactions with customizable intro emails and automated sending.

Information Requests

Enable processors to send information requests to clients directly. Submitted information is re-keyed across an entire order, saving even more time.

Document Storage

Never have a vital document go missing in a client’s inbox again. Securely send, organize, and store essential documents within Connect.

Progress Tracker

Automatically provide tracking updates to your clients. Clients can track important milestones in real-time as they work through an order.

With multiple parties working on different tasks simultaneously, it’s no secret that coordinating the closing process can be frustrating. With Qualia Connect, you have one centralized platform to handle your scheduling and eSigning.

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