SETCO Services has now partnered with Pioneer Technology Group, a leading developer of secure technology for real estate, courts, and registers of deeds, to provide our customers with the YourDox platform. With this exclusive technology, all documents and files are protected by industry leading data security, giving you the assurance and protection you need.

YourDoxYourDox is technology that works automatically within our systems to offer safe and secure document storage for buyers and sellers, and post closing marketing for realtors and lenders.
Secure Your Files and Connect with Your Customers.

Here’s how YourDox works:

At every closing, buyers get paperless delivery of their documents to their personal, secure website. Using their YourDox account, they can safely store, print, download, and email their documents at any time. They can also add any other important documents to their account for safekeeping. Every time a customer accesses their account, they are greeted with your logo and contact information.

Benefits of SETCO’s YourDox system:

YourDox | SETCO Login How YourDox will benefit your customers:
– Secure, encrypted delivery and storage of closing documents
– Print, download, and save their documents using their secure account
– Eco-friendly paperless delivery of documents
– Easy access to your documents when needed for tax time, future purchases, etc.
– Add additional documents to your account at any time for safekeeping and future access
– Disaster recovery protection in the event of hurricanes, tropical storms, fire, theft, etc.
– Notification of delivery of post-closing policies and documents

How YourDox will benefit Realtors:
– Continuous online branding and marketing to all of your past customers
– Customer sites display your logo and contact information
– Customer sites link directly to your email and website
– “Refer your friends” feature connecting customers back to you
– File status dashboards for easy access to your Setco files and documents
– “Lifetime Leads” from past customers when listing or purchase opportunities arise

How YourDox will benefit Lenders:
– Secure, encrypted file delivery and storage
– Highly qualified leads based on historical interest rates
– All files and Nonpublic Personal Information (NPI) stored in SSAE 16 certified data center
– SETCO adheres to CFPB standards and ALTA Best Practices protocols