Posted On: May 3, 2019

In case you didn’t know, SETCO is here for sellers and buyers alike. Together, with Qualia, we offer the safest, most advanced closing process available. For this article, we want to give some advice to both buyers and sellers to improve your real estate experience. Let’s start with sellers. Selling a house can be a massive project with many stresses. You will need to worry about repairs, the market, staging your home, and so much more. To start this tip list, we suggest you start with the repairs of the house first or whatever updates you wish to make. Repairs will have to be done anyway, and it will make the house look better for when potential buyers come to look around. This could also make your selling price a little higher than what you were initially thinking. Also, spend that upgrading money wisely. Spend it on the things that will catch a buyers eye — a better-looking kitchen or bathroom, or a neatened up front yard with beautiful plant life or colors. Another thing for sellers to think about is the price of their home; you can't make the price too high. We suggest pricing your home a little under the average cost in your area and hope there is a bid for it which could bring up the sale to higher than average. One more tip for sellers would be to take good photos of the house. This could help bring in more potential buyers and bring more people for stagings. Your real estate agent should know some photographers to take more professional looking pictures. You probably don't want to use your smartphone because the pictures might not look as pleasing as ones taken by a professional. Recently, there has been an emergence drone drone photography and videography of homes. The unique perspective from a drone can help your home to stand out among other listings. Now for buyers, there is a double-edged sword we think you should take into consideration: offer letters. An offer letter could help clear any polluted air about financing. The letter could also appeal to the seller's emotions. For example, you could be new parents and want to live in the house because it's near a great school and in a safe neighborhood. However, these letters can also hurt you. Writing an offer letter gives the seller the impression that you really want to buy their house, and so it may damage your negotiating ability. So, we recommend you listen to your agent’s opinion, per case, on if writing a letter could be beneficial in the process of getting the home. SETCO is here for buyers and seller through their closing journey too. Together with Qualia, we offer the safest, most up to date closing process available. However, we hope these tips will also help you with your selling or buying journey too!