Posted On: July 12, 2019

Buying a home can be a scary process to go through. You’re sharing sensitive information with multiple people in hopes that information is going into the best hands possible. Recently, a major data leak shows how much of a risk it can be for consumers. 

First American Financial Corporation, which is one of the largest title insurance companies in the United States, had about 885 million mortgage-related files exposed due to lack of proper website design. 

These files that were exposed could be easily obtained just by going to a specific URL. These files were filled with personal information: thousands of real-estate transactions, bank-account numbers, statements, mortgage and tax records, Social Security Numbers, wire-transaction receipts, and driver’s license images.

SETCO has your back. We want to make sure that we have the best available technology to secure the closing process for you, which is why we use Qualia. Qualia offers customer isolation, data encryption, firewalls, spoofing, and sniffing protections, port scanning, hardened hosts, and configuration scanning and history. All of that just falls under infrastructure and network security. They also offer secure design and frameworks, with security testing of every update. Qualia takes security and quality of service very seriously! We are excited to be able to offer you their unparalleled platform, making your closing experience the absolute best available.

On some of our previous blog posts, we’ve covered some good practices to keep your information safe. Let’s go over those again, for good measure. 

  • Keep your email accounts safe, using strong passwords that include 12 characters or more. 
  • Utilize all of the following when creating a password: Uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters (!@#$). 
  • Do NOT use your email on public devices. 
  • Refrain from telling the world about your closing… 
  • Last, but not least, when you meet with your closing agent, keep the phone number you receive directly from them handy, and use it to verify any closing instructions or bank account numbers that you have been sent over email or text.

Keeping your information safe is our first priority. We take cybersecurity very seriously and with our partnership with Qualia, we provide you with serious security. If you’re looking to close on a property, we hope to see you soon at one of our friendly local offices. 

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