Posted On: September 21, 2018

As the top Title and Escrow Company in Northwest Florida, SETCO Services is dedicated to helping clients have the best experience possible when closing on a house. Our staff knows the ins and outs of title and escrow so that you do not have to. Many clients do not realize that just because an item is listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) when closing, that item does not have to be included with the house. If the washer and dryer are listed in the MLS, but the buyer does not include that in the offer on the house, the seller is, therefore, able to take the washer and dryer with them when moving out of the house. This leads to the buyer being disappointed because they were not made aware of this possibility beforehand. These situations happen more often than you would think, which is why our team is highly knowledgeable in this area to prevent this from happening. Two separate contracts can be used when buying/selling a house. The first is the Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase (FR/Bar). According to this contract, if a buyer does not list an item under the personal property section when making the offer, the seller is under no obligation to leave that item in the house, even if that item was listed in the MLS. The second type of contract is the Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase (CRSP). This contract lists any personal items the buyer wants to be left behind in the personal property section. If the buyer uses the CRSP form, they are not required to additionally list an item in their offer to have it be included with the house. It is crucial that agents take note of these two contracts, and speak to their clients about various things they would like included in the house that they might not have thought about. At SETCO, we make sure that the buyer is aware of all the items they could include in their offer so that they do not have to deal with even more stress when moving into their new house. We also make sure the seller knows they can take anything (within reason) with them that they might not have realized they wanted at their new house. We pride ourselves on knowing as much as we can about the contracts and being prepared for every possible outcome.

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