Posted On: January 25, 2020

Insurer ratings will be seeing a dip over the next few months, and that can be a scary thought. Some customers can be affected much more than others due to some lender companies only allowing “A grade” insurance companies. What makes this significantly worse for customers, is that Demotech (a financial analysis firm that predicts financial stability in the insurance industry) President, Joe Petrelli won’t release the list of companies to (possibly) see the downgrade.

However, Petrelli has stated that he predicts two to four companies will be downgraded this January, then another ten to fifteen could see a drop no later than Spring. 

Why the Potential Downgrades?

The reasons for these possible downgrades start with the level of debt taken on by the affected companies, loss of investor interest, increased cost of reinsurance from severe weather, and increases in lawsuits/settlement costs. 

This now brings us to an important message for our readers. Now, more than ever, it is going to be important to look around and understand who you have as your insurance company and if you should be looking elsewhere. Looking around now could help prevent headaches, save you money, and keep you aware of what’s going on. 

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