Posted On: March 22, 2019

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently found in a survey that 83 percent of buyers' agents say staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize their future home. NARs President, John Smaby, said the following, "Realtors understand the importance of making a residential property as welcoming and appealing as possible to potential buyers." When buyers enter a home, they look for how they would set things up. A staging could help them get an idea of how things could look if they lack creativity too. More than half of the sellers' agents agree that a home is bought quicker when they do house stagings, with 25 percent stating that it considerably decreases the house’s time on the market. Sellers' agents also think the dollar value of the home can be affected too. With 44 percent of those agents thinking it increases in value; 25 percent believe the increase is from 1 to 5 percent, 12 percent saying it increases by 6 to 10. However, 29 percent of buyers' agents say it doesn't increase at all. Fortunately, only 1 percent think it causes a decrease in value. Smaby also agrees that "Realtors have the expertise and local market knowledge to know which properties and specific rooms will benefit the most from staging." With that being said, 47 percent of the buyers' agents agree that the living room is the most room to dress up. The next most significant place to stage, with 42 percent, is the master bedroom. Third highest on the list was the kitchen with 35 percent. The lowest cared for room in the survey was the guest bedroom with 8 percent. These sellers' agents also didn't report a decrease in value from staging. The sellers' agents also think not all houses are worth staging. 28 percent of the sellers' agents stage all homes, with 45 percent not staging them, but recommending that the sellers clean up and fix any errors in or outside of the home. 13 percent said they only stage “challenging to sell” houses, and 7 percent staged only homes of higher prices. Some sellers' agents do help in the staging process and help with fees too. However, the seller themselves put in some money to get their home off the market. 18 percent of the time, a seller pays before listing the home on the market, while the sellers' agent gives funds in another 26 percent. 17 percent of the agents responded that they offer a house staging service. 95 percent of the sellers' agents say to declutter the home, 89 percent say an entire home cleaning is best, and 83 percent say removing pets from the home showings is a plus. Other things for sellers to consider would be to deep clean the house and make whatever minor repairs they can.