Posted On: September 21, 2019

In this day and age, we always see people on their phones; whether they be out and about, or at home, it seems phones are glued to our hands. However, when it comes to finding that new home, it should be as easy as using your phone. You can do everything on your phone, so why should finding a house be a headache? Well, in a new report done by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), they give us the numbers on who is using their phone to find a house. In the report “Real Estate in Digital Age 2019 Report“, we learn about how the everyday buyer uses their phones to see properties online, look at photos, home listings, and even information on the home buying process. 

Within the report, 76% of all buyers say they found their home online using their mobile device. Another 17% of buyers said they also found their real estate agent online. 

This is the age of technology. So, websites should have a mobile option as well. A webpage with no mobile option could distort the page and be a mess, which could be seen as too much of a headache to the potential buyer and they could go somewhere else to buy their new home. Numbers to consider

Numbers to consider

Communication is massive, and the professionals make sure to be ready when their client needs them or wants to ask questions. 

  • 93% texting
  • 93% phone calls
  • 92% emails
  • 38% instant message 
  • 27% postal mail

Then when it comes to a website, this is what the client is looking for:

  • 87% wants helpful photos
  • 85% wants detailed information about the property
  • 52% wants to see the floor plan
  • 46% wants a virtual tour
  • 42% wants the agent’s contact information 

Clients want to see what they are getting into without actually going to the house. The client wants to be pleased before taking that step to see the home and where its location is at. A properly put together website could go a long way. 

However, in other news, homebuyers were held up by price in quarter two this year. With 55% of those buyers saying they can’t afford it. The good news here is that most buyers are willing to keep looking. 

  • 62% will keep looking for their perfect home in the proper location
  • 36% are will to expand their search area
  • 21% will accept downsizing 
  • 16% might consider a more expensive home

This left 16% of buyers willing to quit their search. But all of this helps with having that beautiful mobile device website for the potential home buyer. 

Also, here at SETCO, we will work with all parties in a closing transaction, and we understand that it means something different to each of them. Likewise, we recognize that each person has different requirements, and we’ve designed our services accordingly