COVID-19 Important Notice

As so many of you are, all of us at SETCO Services, LLC., are closely monitoring the latest developments regarding COVID-19 in the United States to help ensure the health and safety of our employees and the clients we serve every day. During these uncertain times, we recognize that you are relying upon our ability to provide title insurance and escrow services and we strive to do so to the best of our ability.

SETCO Services, LLC., has been deemed Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) based on the Executive Order from March 19, 2020 and further established by Executive Order released from the Department of Treasury on March 22, 2020. Per the President’s guidelines, “if you work in a critical infrastructure sector, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.” Therefore, SETCO Services, LLC., will continue with regular business operations, while following the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We remain committed to servicing your needs, as well as, those of our employees throughout this global health crisis, and we would like to express our gratitude for your continued trust in all of us here at SETCO Services, LLC.

SETCO internal implementations to protect our staff and practicing social distancing:

  • Our lobbies are closed to the public.
  • All closings that cannot be completed online will be conducted via our “Drive-Thru Closing” procedures, outlined in detail below.
  • EMD checks will continue to be accepted in all offices.  A member of our staff will meet you at the door to collect the check and related closing information.  Our EMD procedures are outlined below.
  • All offices will have a sign posted with a phone number you may call for service or questions beyond what is covered in this memorandum.

Ways our clients can close:

  1. Remote/online closing, otherwise known as e-signing.  Remote online notary (RON) will be used where applicable.

  2. Drive-Thru Closings

These options are discussed in detail below.  

Drive-Thru Closings:

  1. Clients will be scheduled for drive-thru closing on a specific date and time.  We will send your documents to you electronically to review ahead of time and will schedule a time to speak with you for any questions you may have regarding the closing documents you will be signing.  If you would like a paper copy of your closing package during your closing, please let your Closer know in advance so it can be delivered to you at the time of your drive-thru appointment.  Our Closer will also provide you with a phone number to call upon arrival at our office on the date of your drive-thru closing.
  2. We may email any documents that do not require a Notary/wet signature to you in advance of your closing.  These documents will be executed via e-signature before your drive-thru appointment, where applicable.
  3. To prepare for your drive-thru appointment, please be sure to bring any documentation you may need to have your closing funds wired to you, if you are receiving such funds.
  4. Upon arrival at our office on the date and time of your drive-thru appointment, park in an empty space out front and call the number you were provided upon scheduling your appointment.  Please advise the person answering the phone of the Make, Model, and Color of vehicle you are driving.  
  5. While on the phone, our staff member will provide you with a number to text or email a photo of each signor’s Drivers License.  Please keep your Drivers License out for the Closer to look at when they arrive outside.
  6. Your Closer will then come outside to your vehicle.  He or she will be wearing gloves and will have your closing documents ready for your signature on a clipboard.  He or she will provide you with a brand-new pen for each person signing.  These pens are for you to keep.
  7. The Closer will review your Drivers License from a distance and ask you to begin signing your documents.
  8. Once signing is complete, the client portion of the closing is done.  Our Closer will take the documents back inside, properly sanitize them, and upload executed copies to your client portal in Qualia within 24-48 hours.  You may retrieve these executed copies from your client portal, or they may be sent to you via encrypted email upon request.

Electronic Closings:

Buyer Information:

  • Cash Buyers – Closing documents will be sent via E-Sign.  The client will receive an email containing the E-Sign link, which you can click to sign.  Once executed, documents are returned to us automatically.  Closing funds will be wired as per our normal process.  No notary is needed for cash buyers.
  • Buyers with Loan – At this time, closing documents will be signed via drive-thru closing unless the lender approves electronic notary. 

Seller Information:

  • Most documents do not require a notary and can be sent via E-Sign.  The client will receive an email containing the E-Sign link, which you can click to sign.  Once executed, documents are returned to us automatically.  However, the deed does require a notary and will be sent separately via email to be printed and signed in the presence of a notary public.  Once executed, the client will mail the deed back to SETCO using a provided pre-paid UPS label.
  • Seller documents can be signed as a whole through our electronic notarization service provider,  Similar to E-Sign, the client will receive an email containing a Notarize link which you can click to begin the process.  Electronic notarization requires audio/visual ability, as signing is done in the video presence of a notary public.  You must also have two witnesses present with you at signing.  The witnesses cannot be related to you by blood or marriage.  The notary will you to show a photo ID so they may validate your identity.  Once the signing is complete, the notary will return the executed documents back to us.  There is an additional fee for this service.

Informational videos for Remote Online Notarization


How It Works

EMD Procedures

  1. When possible, agents/clients will be emailed an EMD form to complete prior to arrival.  This form may be returned to us via email to expedite the process.
  2. Clients arriving at our office to drop off EMD checks will be greeted with a sign on our door.  This sign will provide an office-specific phone number you may call to let a staff member know you have arrived.
  3. A staff member will greet you at our door.  He or she will be wearing gloves to accept the check and pre-filled EMD form.
  4. If an EMD form is not already completed by the client, our staff member will provide a blank form to you on a clipboard to complete.  We will also provide you with a brand-new pen to use for this.  The pen is yours to keep.
  5. Once we are in possession of the check and form, we will properly sanitize both and provide a digital receipt to all parties per our normal procedures.

If you have any other questions or concerns about our closing processes,
please contact us at 850-650-6161 or message us via our secure platform in Qualia.