Posted On: October 18, 2019

When it comes to selling a house, you want to make sure the home looks desirable to buyers. However, that can be quite costly at times. Something to think about is who you are selling to. So, today, we are going to give you some tips on how to spice up your home that are both cost-effective and hip to this generation of home buyers. 

Home Improvements. 

A big thing that matters in the kitchen would be friendly and homey cabinets. However, the new line of homebuyers do not want ordinary oak wood cabinets. They want things to look a little more classy and eloquent. Millenial home-buyers also like darker colors. So, go with a more basic design when choosing cabinets for the kitchen.


Then let’s go ahead and look at how the newer home buyers want space in their homes. The more space, the better, so if there is a useless wall that separates a living room, maybe look into getting rid of that wall or shortening how far the wall goes out. Another cheaper idea would be to get rid of doors that separate common places. Making a better flow of the walkway is the real goal.  

Death of the Dining Room

Another thing to consider is how the new generation of buyers don’t really care for a fancy dining room. It’s better to have easier access from the kitchen to the TV room or bar. However, we understand that it can be costly to get rid of the dining room. So, consider staging the space as a home office or entertainment room. 


Look into getting a personal loan. For these personal loans, you could be looking at a few thousand dollars that could go a long way into helping you finish up a project in the home you are selling. However, personal loans can vary in interest rates, so be wary and shop around.

Another option would be to use your credit card or look into getting one, but the same interest rate concerns apply. Just make sure you are signing up for something that fits your budget before you sign up. However, a credit card is an excellent way to build credit and help with those big purchases you may not be able to afford right now. 

Or you could look into a short-term rental on the home. It’s a pretty quick way to make enough money to cover renovation expenses. However, you will just need to keep an eye on the home and take care of certain things in the home to prepare. Also, this will depend on the kind of renting you wish to do, which can be something like Airbnb or a short lease. 

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