5 Tips to Selling Your Home Faster

The decision to sell your home can take quite a lot of time, but once you make up your mind to sell, a sense of urgency often prevails. If you are wondering how to sell your home in a hurry, here are some tips that can give you the edge in today’s market.

1. Cleaning

The place to start is with a good cleaning. Thorough, intensive cleaning of every nook and cranny, as well as touch-ups of paint, filling in of any nail holes in the wall, repairing small pieces of trim, etc… Not only will this attention to detail impress potential buyers who visit your home, but it will get those people into your home by making the online photos really-eye catching and appealing.

Get rid of visible clutter, remember that neat, tidy, homey, and un-lived in look-ing homes attract the most views. You don’t want your personal items on display, kids’ names hung on the walls, or toys filling up closet space. If you really want to go the extra mile, have your house professionally staged. It can take anywhere from a few days to a week but the difference can have a huge impact on how long your home is on the market.

2. Updating Curb Appeal

Updating your house’s curb appeal will also go a long way. Whether looking at your home online, driving past and seeing your for sale sign, or pulling into your driveway for a viewing, you want the facade of your home to look fresh and welcoming. Simple things, like adding a brightly colored door or an updated garage door can make a huge impact.

3. Hire a Professional Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer to take your pictures definitely has its benefits. First impressions are everything, and pictures are what’s going to put the feet on your doorstep. If your budget doesn’t extend to a professional, at least get yourself a quality camera and don’t just snap photos with your cellphone.

4. Be Prepared to Show

After you have listed your home, be prepared to show it at any moment. While you may be in a hurry to sell your home, the perfect buyer may also be in a hurry. If you can not make the home available for show quickly, they could easily fall in love with another home while they are waiting for the time that was convenient to you.

When you are preparing to leave in advance of a showing, it is pressing that you not only leave a clean home, but be sure to remove not just your pets, but all signs of pets. Their food, litter boxes, toys, fur on surfaces, etc… There should be no sign of hint or a pet in residence for the best results with your potential buyers. Also, be sure you leave the home smelling wonderful. A scent diffuser or a high-quality room spray with a warm, inviting smell gives a great impression as people enter.

5. Price Matters

In the end, no matter how beautifully you present your home to buyers, online and in person, the price is going to matter. Even people who love the look of it will never come back to the listing for a second glance if the price seems prohibitively high.

Do your homework, make your home is competitively priced for your area. Check out comparable homes nearby and if you are truly in a rush to sell, price your home slightly lower. This will invariably attract some buyers.