5 Must Have Apps for Real Estate

5 “Must Have” Apps for Real Estate

When shopping for a new home, use your smart phone the smart way! These 5 real estate apps give you flexibility in home searches and real estate closings in Florida. Use them to find a new home and then calculate closing costs with the Free Cost Calculator Apps from SETCO.

These “must haves” will help you do everything throughout the real estate process:

  • Find the perfect home
  • Estimate how much the home is worth
  • Check surrounding areas for things that affect re-sales
  • Calculate the amount needed for closing.

#1 – Our Favorite – SETCO’s Closing Cost Calculator App
(iPhone, Droid and Blackberry) 

This app is the most versatile of the ones shown below with the ability to be used on iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry platforms. You can calculator closing costs and refinance charges instantly and email the results to yourself or a customer. During this market, closing costs are becoming a major factor in real estate negotiations and having this tool at your fingertips can help ensure you get that contract on a new home. Then, let SETCO turn that contract into a closing.

Here are some more great apps from Atlanta Realtor, Clay Elliott.

#2 – Real Estate Search
(iPhone, iPad, Android) 

The Real Estate Search app takes the features of one of the most popular online real estate sites mobile, using GPS and Google Maps to give you the ability to see what’s for sale around you. It also offers quick access to listing information and photos, and the ability to contact a real estate agent for information. It’ll even let you know what open houses are happening around you.

#3 – Zillow for Mobile Real Estate
(iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows)

Another of the larger real estate sites, Zillow’s mobile app is a real estate search app with a unique interface displaying assessed values and records of home sales. Zillow allows you to enter any address (whether currently on the market or not) and get a variety of information about the property, including its “Zestimate” of the home’s market value. It’s certainly different from anything else out there, and claims to be the #1 mobile real estate app.

#4 – Crime Reports (iPhone)

Crime reports allows you to search official crime reports and sex offender information for an area or neighborhood, helping to gauge its level of safety.

#5 – Suburb Scout (Android)

Suburb Scout is a great tool for identifying neighborhood nuisances, things like sewage plants, airports, landfills, prisons, and railroad crossings that may affect a neighborhood’s desirability.

From these to other highly useful apps like mortgage calculators, dictionaries of real estate terms, apps for finding neighborhood amenities, and more, there are a wide range of mobile applications available that can help you turn your smart phone into a powerful home shopping tool. Using your smart phone wisely, you can easily narrow down which neighborhoods you’re most interested in. Armed with this information, you’ll be ready to begin your home search in earnest, having already eliminated much of the preliminary leg work.

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App images copyrighted by respective companies. 

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